Notes of Thanks...

"Prior to my 12 weeks with Joanna I had zero energy.  I did not want to get up in the mornings, needed to nap at noon and always felt the need to go to bed early.   During the 12 weeks Joanna helped me walk through small changes in my life to assist me in this area as well as so much more.  She helped me with confidence, goal setting, reducing stress levels and how to deal with daily stressors.  

"My energy levels have evolved more than I could have ever imagined."

After the 12 weeks my energy and stress levels have evolved even more than I could have ever imagined.  I get right up in the morning, no more procrastinating, no more naps and have so much more energy for daily life activities.  I have less brain fog, am overall much happier and look forward to making those around me happy as well.   My life is more organized.  I have set goals for myself that I only dreamed of and have followed through on them and continue to soar.    The process of the transformation was so easy, much easier than I initially anticipated it would be.  Joanna was not only a coach but a friend during this process.  When I first started with Joanna I specifically remembering telling her she had her "work cut out for her."  I am accomplishing things I never thought I would, things I only dreamed of.  My stress levels are lowered and when something stressful does come up, I handle it much differently to the point it is not even stress but merely bump in the road we call life.  I am more outgoing, confident and overall a much happier person within myself especially.  

To those of you wanting to make changes and wondering if it is even ever possible, all I have to say is YES it is.  Reaching out to Jo is the first step to improving how you feel and your life.  It is a journey with zero regret and nothing but excitement and a huge sense of accomplishment.    Her support, encouragement and understanding are only part of the tools she has to allow you to evolve into the person you truly want to be.  Jo, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for not only being my friend but for being such an amazing, supportive coach.  I can’t wait to see what else my future holds for me."

- Stephanie (Ontario, Canada)

"I took back my personal power!"

“At sixty-six years of age, Joanna changed my life! She opened up the possibility of taking back my personal power through eating healthy foods and snacks for optimum nourishment and energy, empowering me to successfully achieve my goals by examining what was really holding me back. She taught me how to become a disciple for myself as I began to acknowledge that I had not been providing myself with the care I needed and deserved. Joanna did all this in a non-judgmental and supportive way that encouraged me to become my best self. I am so happy that I took this journey with Joanna and I highly recommend you do to!”

- Kathryn (Ontario, Canada)

"I am forever thankful."

"Since starting with Joanna as my health coach I have become more aware of not just what I’m eating but of how I am eating.  What I have noticed is I’m not afraid to experiment with different foods such as different healthy fats or proteins to see how they effect my energy.  I’m learning it’s okay to be curious because what I’m learning from Joanna is a change for a lifetime not just a few months.  I’m realizing I can enjoy my food and not feel guilty if I have had a treat; just make it a conscious decision.  The support I’ve received from Joanna is amazing.  I know if I have a question she is just a phone call or email away.  She has helped me see my future self and she is unstoppable,  for that I am forever thankful.

Debbie (Brockville, ON)

"I gained so much confidence in myself!"

"Joanna has great practical tips and knowledge about nutrition, but makes it easy to understand and put into action. Her handouts and guides are so helpful. Joanna's sense of humour puts me at ease and her desire to help others really shines. Not only did I lose more than 10 lbs, but I developed healthy habits and gained so much confidence in myself! This is just the beginning of lifelong changes and having the support and encouragement from Joanna has made all the difference!"

- Nancy (Oshawa, ON)

"It has been a total different shift in my life."

"Hello, my name is Bill and I’ve been driving transport for 36 years. I’ve been through divorce and bypass surgery, cancer and went very, very downhill with my health: stress and depression. I had three different therapists and none of them could seem to get me out of the rut I was in. And then along came Jo. She has helped me so much in the way of giving me so many tools to use to help me to eat properly, to think differently…it has been a total different shift in my life. She is a wonderful person and has become a new friend. I highly recommend her to anybody who is in a slump in their eating habits and in their life and everything. She is just wonderful."

Bill (Kingston, ON)