Personal Training + Mobility Coaching

Develop Inner and Outer Strength, Mobility + Resiliency THROUGH TRANSFORMATIONal MOVEMENT SESSIONS

We all know the importance of movement, exercise and staying active. Yet most people aren't engaged in a well-planned, thoughtful, good-for-them movement program. AND, a lot of the time, we leave mobility work out entirely! As a human being, I know first-hand the importance of exercise for our physical and mental health. And, as a Certified Personal Trainer and Mobility Specialist, I want you to not only move, but to move well. I want your joints to function well, I want you to have useable and powerful ranges of motion and I want you to get the most out of your amazing body. 

Well thought-out, expertly coached and executed fitness programs have so many incredible benefits, including weight loss allowing you to feel confident, strong and resilient. Every one of my clients is individually assessed and a program is designed specifically for their goals, desires, limitations and strengths. 

I can help you lose weight and feel confident!

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~ Personal Training and Mobility Coaching Sessions take place primarily at RD Athletics in downtown Brockville ~

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