I can't wait until...

This has been an incredibly busy summer. It has flown by. And the last 7 days were the peak. I completed my Yoga Teacher Training (that's right! I am a certified yoga teacher!) and immediately drove 5 hours to attend my brother's wedding. Which was amazing. I then MC'd (is that a word?) at the reception. And just so you know, I killed it...but that's not the point.

You know what I was thinking the whole time during the last seven days? 

"I just need to make it until Monday. I can't wait until this is all over."

Have you ever found yourself thinking or saying the same kind of thing? 

And I can't tell you how many times I ALSO had my Dad's words ringing through my mind:

"Joanna, stop wishing your life away." 

I wasn't being in the moment. I was wishing my life away. I couldn't wait until Monday. And yet, the moments during the last seven days are the moments that make my life beautiful and exciting and joyful...and worth living.

Part of health and wellness is PRESENCE. Being here, right now. We find ourselves unhappy when we are looking back, or looking forward instead of staying focused on what's in front of us.

So, my challenge to myself and to you is this: When you catch yourself saying, "I can't wait until..." STOP, and complete this sentence "In this moment, right here and now, I am grateful for..."

So here goes...In this moment, right here and how, I am grateful for YOU.

Thanks for being a part of my life, whether virtual or in person. You make it beautiful and exciting and joyful. And I don't have to wait until anything to experience that.

With gratitude,

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