Small Hinges Swing Big Doors

As a life-time perfectionist, type-A kinda gal, I've found myself time and again thinking that I can do it all. I have this tendency to over-estimate how much I can do or under-estimate how much time I need to do it. But, it seems TOTALLY reasonable in my mind. 

I ALSO have a propensity to create giant goals (again...thinking I can do it all)! And while big goals themselves are not the problem - in fact, I'm all for big, juicy goals - the sticking point is how we approach them. 

I can't even count how many times I've been there. Set HUGE goals, committed to MASSIVE action and started the process only to find myself overwhelmed, under-resourced and ultimately not succeeding...resulting in disappointment and beating myself up. 

Can you relate?  

What inevitably happens is that I am unable to sustain the massive action (whether it's the time, energy or resources needed to complete it) and, as a result, I forego the WHOLE DARN THING.

Let's talk yoga for a's one of my things. I love yoga. It calms me, helps me destress and gives me an energy boost when I need it. I love it SO much that I decided my goal was to be doing one hour a day. 

This lasted for approximately 1.5 days. Then, when I couldn't fit in an hour everyday, I just skipped it altogether. Didn't even step on my mat. Nope. Nada.

Because why would I even do anything if I couldn't do it ALL? That would be silly. Wouldn't it?

If this rings a bell at all - whether it's yoga, working out, eating well, a project at work, creating balance in life, reducing stress - you are not alone! 

One of the reminders that I consistently give my clients (and myself) is that small hinges swing big doors!

A tiny mechanism on one side of a door creates a HUGE amount of movement. Proportionately, that hinge is infinitesimal compared to the size of the door. But a little bit of movement creates massive results. 

So, what do we have to learn from a door hinge? This reminder simply highlights for us that small, yet inspired action can result in HUGE outcomes. And, once the door starts moving, momentum begins to carry it.

So, what is one small action you can take today that would be pleasurable to commit to (maybe even fun!) and would allow you to create momentum in the direction you want to go?

Not only does this create momentum, but it also creates evidence that you are capable of success! And when we know we can be successful, we are far more likely to take further action.

So, what'll it be? 5 minutes of yoga? 10 minutes of research for that project? Shutting off your computer 10 minutes earlier? Drinking one more glass of water today?

Think small to create BIG results. You've got this!

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P.S. If the constant roller-coaster of setting goals and not achieving them rings true for you, I'd love to chat. Having a support system in place to help me create meaningful and inspired action steps has made the difference between success and stagnation for me. So, I invite you to book a call so we can chat about those big goals and your best way to reach them. Can't wait to connect!