You might Want to...

Hey Friends!

It’s been several weeks since my last blog post (or post of any kind for that matter). I’ve been taking some time to get really clear on who I am, who I can help, what I desire out of my business and what I desire for my clients and the wonderful people that allow me into their lives electronically - that's you! So, I’m ready to make a bold statement:

You might want to unfollow me.

I know that seems a little bit crazy to say, but I feel really strongly about it. Let me explain why.

I am a Health + Lifestyle Coach specializing in supporting high-achieving, successful women to double their energy, reduce stress, manage symptoms of depression and REALLY live the lives of purpose and contribution they know they’re meant to live.

I want to build a tribe of like-minded souls who desire to step-up (even when it's scary), get out of their own way (‘cause I know I definitely get in my own way sometimes...actually a lot of the time) and live their BEST life supported by their best health.

This means I want to provide content that will be valuable to these amazing women. It's more than just nutrition tips - which I'll absolutely share! But to live our best lives, it means doing the work in all areas of life. So, I will be diving into all aspects of physical health, mindset work, relationships, spiritual and mental health, career satisfaction, creativity, financial health and more. 

I'm not here to provide you with MORE information...I really strive to provide valuable, applicable content to get you out of overwhelm, not add to it!

As I work with more and more women, the importance of simplicity, getting out of overwhelm and reducing life clutter becomes more and more apparent. Having subscriptions filling up your inbox or newsfeed is another way that clutter and overwhelm show up - which is the LAST thing we need!

So, with all that in mind, I'd actually encourage you to unsubscribe if what I'm sharing doesn't apply to you, resonate with you or feel like it will bring value to you. Give yourself one less thing to delete, get distracted by or annoy you. I won't be hurt, I promise!

And if what I've shared sounds like something you'd like to continue to be a part of great! I'm so glad to have you. Will you do me a favour? Will you comment on this blog or send me an email and let me know even just one thing you'd like support with, are challenged by in terms of your overall health, or would like to see covered in future content? I want to make sure I'm providing as much value to you as possible!

Thanks for being a part of the Simply Well tribe! If it's our time to part ways, I wish you all the health and success in the world. I also want to congratulate you for taking inspired action to reduce the clutter in your life! 

If you're going to stick around for awhile, I can't wait to continue the journey! And I'm celebrating your intentional choice to continue receiving this content and allowing me to be a part of your life.

Here's to less stress, less overwhelm, more health and more living!

Cheering for you,


P.S. I love working with women who are ready for a big shift. If you know you're ready to dive into that life of purpose and contribution, but know you could use some support and accountability along the way, don't wait! Book your free Discovery Call here and we can get really clear about where you are, where you WANT to be and what’s stopping you. Then we can decide together your next best steps and if coaching is a great fit for you. Believe me, you are SO worth it!