Lessons from a Rescue Dog

Hi, friends!

This past weekend, we welcomed a new family member into our pack - Jack, the beautiful, sweet, pudgy, lovely, handsome, 12 year-young rescue dog. I fell in love with Jack the moment I saw his soft, little body saunter over to us from his kennel at the local shelter. He was dirty, his fur was matted, he was smelly and his eyes looked like they were holding a lifetime of sorrow. But this little fellow had an incredibly important lesson to teach me (and I’m sure there are many more to come).

While his recent history is unclear, what is obvious is that Jack’s life hasn’t been the easiest lately. We know, at the very least, that he was surrendered to strangers (to him) at the shelter, lived with a bunch of other barking, stressed out stranger-dogs, was transferred from one shelter to another, and had a bunch of (wonderful) different people caring for him. A lot has changed for Jack over a short period of time. And if you know dogs, you know they thrive on consistency, routine and familiarity (hmmmm…..kinda like humans!).

As the amazing staff at the shelter (OSPCA of Leeds and Grenville) prepared Jack for his new home, they treated him like royalty. He had stacks of pillows in his kennel (a la "Prince and the Pea"), he had walks and one-on-one time with the shelter staff and volunteers, and he was even allowed to wander around outside of his kennel. Jack was probably getting pretty comfortable with the way things were going.

And then, two more strangers show up (yours truly and the love of my life) and bring more changes into the little guy’s life. 

But, he didn’t put up a fight. He didn’t even look back.

Sure, there were a few whimpers in the car ride on the way home, but he willingly followed us. He didn’t growl, bark or try to run back to the comfort of his bed fit for a king in the kennel. Although he had no idea what was in store, he trusted us…and he trusted the process.

And what was waiting for him was ALL the love and snuggles he could ever have hoped for, free roaming around the house, plenty of soft spots, dog beds and blankets to lie on, delicious food, walks and play-time galore. 

But, here’s the kicker…Jack didn’t know any of that when he followed us to the car. And there was no way he was going to know it until he trusted and followed.

How many of us are held back by the comfort and familiarity of what we know? How many times have you said no because of the fear of uncertainty and of the unknown? And, more importantly, what is waiting for you just outside that comfort zone? 

Transformation - whether it’s physical, spiritual or emotional - is a continual process of letting go. Sometimes it’s letting go of things that might seem good, but are actually no longer serving us. Jack had to let go of a comfy, decked out kennel (seemed pretty great at the time), in order to experience the new lease on life that a new family and a new home have given him.

So, with love, I ask you…are you stuck in your kennel of comfort? Are you holding on to what you know because it’s more comfortable than trusting, following, and stepping out into the unknown?

What are you willing to let go of in order to step into the brightest, shiniest, most energized, most incredible version of yourself? 

Will it be hard? Yes. Will it be scary? Probably. 

Will it be worth it? ABSOLUTELY!

Just ask Jack.

To a life of possibility and adventure,

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Jack and his new best friend in his forever home. 

P.S. Having support and stretch is HUGE when it comes to stepping outside your comfort zone. If you're ready to take the step and see what's waiting for you, click here to book a Discovery Call. I would love to explore with you whether or not coaching is a good fit to support you as you let go of fear and uncertainty!

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