How to Beat the Winter Blues: Episode 1 of 3

Hiya friends!

November brings with it an anticipation of the upcoming holiday season, but it also brings colder days and a time change. While the extra hour of sleep (for one night) is great, it doesn't make up for the fact that the sun is gone by 5:00 p.m. and it feels like we live in constant darkness...especially if you leave for work before sunrise and get home after sunset. 

The temperature, light (or lack thereof), and bleakness of November can be a recipe for the winter blues. Seasonal Affective Disorder, or SAD, is characterized by depressive episodes that are related to seasonal changes -  most often winter. If this is something that you are affected by, do not fear!! You are NOT doomed to suffer all winter long. You can actually take some proactive measures to help you successfully navigate the darker months.

As some of you may know, depression is something that I've dealt with for quite a while. Winter time is often the hardest for me. My moods drop, I lack energy and feelings of hopelessness often set in. So I definitely know I have to take extra care when it feels like the environmental conditions are against me. Tune in below for my first, very simple tip to beating the winter blues.

Beating the winter blues isn't easy, but you CAN make a big difference by having a plan of action that includes taking proactive steps. 

One of the biggest game-changers for me was getting a support system in place to really encourage me when I need it and to apply a dose of tough-love when necessary. So, if you feel you could use some extra support and some structure to help you get through this season, get in touch with me here and we can make time to chat.

I'm cheering for you!

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