The #1 Investment You Can Make

Hey friends!

So, I’m not a savvy financial advisor, investment banker or a millionaire. But I have a secret…I actually know the most valuable and ONLY guaranteed investment you can make. 

Are you ready?

It’s YOU. 

You read that right…you are absolutely the most worthwhile place to invest your time, money, energy and resources. 

I know, I can already hear you saying, “But that’s selfish, Joanna!”

I invite you to consider that investing in yourself is actually the least selfish thing you can do. It allows you to show up MORE (energetically and physically) for the most important people in your life. You are then able to give from a place of being fully sourced versus a place of depletion or resentment. 

This type of investment pays dividends. It is far from selfish. When you choose to say yes to you, the resulting contentment, joy, satisfaction and energy will radiate into the lives of those you love right away AND you set yourself up for great health and overall contentment down the road. 

Unlike many investments you may make, there are no risks to investing in yourself. It ALWAYS pays off in some form or another. 

So, I’m talking specifically about investing in your health. However, health to me is about far more than simply what you eat and whether or not you exercised this morning. Are you doing what you love? How are your relationships? How do you feel mentally and emotionally most of the time? Do you have a creative outlet? Are you being stretched intellectually? Do you feel good in your body? Do you feel appreciated? 

All of these things and MORE contribute to your overall health and wellbeing. 

With the holiday season approaching, this is often the time of year where people feel burnt out, stressed and over-extended. We often put our own health, happiness and well-being on the back-burner. 

I invite you to open up to the possibility that you can do things differently this year.

What if you could invest in yourself NOW instead of waiting for January 1st? What if you could go through the holiday season WITHOUT beating yourself up for over-indulging? What if you could start implementing strategies that allow you to take care of you AND those around you without the overwhelm and stress?

How would it feel to say “Yes!” to investing in yourself now and taking inspired action to demonstrate your commitment? Like, right now?

If this is resonating for you and you are absolutely ready to stop allowing things to get in your way, I want to give you an opportunity to show your commitment this instant! I challenge you not to wait.

I invite you to book a time right now for a complimentary Breakthrough Call with me. In this session we will get really clear on your goals/dreams for your health and life, what’s standing in your way and we will discover what your next best steps are. We will also get clarity about whether or not coaching is the right fit for you! 

Take action on your commitment and book your call here. It's time well invested! 

Will you commit to taking action in the next 24 hours? You can decide that this year will be different starting RIGHT NOW by choosing to invest in yourself. I’d be so excited to support you! 

To investing in you,


P.S. Because you're totally worth it!